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Your Business Starter Kit

Choose the business kit you would like to purchase to start your new business. Choose just 1 (one) for now. You’ll get a chance to purchase 1 of any other kit, up to all 5 that are left, after you’ve completed the sign on process. If you need to take another look at what our business start-up kits look like, Click Here To View Them (Scrolls Down)

Business Starter Kit Total Costs

  • Small Toy Kit
    $100 + $19.95 S/H + Tax
  • Medium Toy Kit
    $250 + $29.95 S/H + Tax
  • Large Toy Kit
    $500 + $39.95 S/H + Tax
  • Small Aphrodisiac Kit
    $50 + $10.95 S/H + Tax
  • Large Aphrodisiac Kit
    $100 + $19.95 S/H + Tax
  • A Little Kink Kit
    $55 + $12.95 S/H + Tax

Important Registration Info

Once you click the [Review And Complete Enrollment] button you will be taken to the next page where we will ask you for a Username.

Your Username serves a few purposes.
1.) It will be your login username for your backoffice, resource center, and marketing center
2.) It will designate the URL for your shopping center (ie.[username]), AND
3.) it will designate the URL for your Marketing Website (ie. http://[username]

Important: Please do NOT use any Uppercase, Spaces, or special characters. If you have decided your business name is (for example) My Awesome Toy Shop, then you should designate your Username as myawesometoyshop

Tickle Gear: The Business Start-Up Kits

  • Kit  price does not include shipping/tax
  • Flavors, scents and colors may vary. Contents subject to change due to availability.
  • Each kit comes with catalogs and marketing materials.
  • From sign up and first kit purchase every consultant has the option of purchasing one (1) of any of the other kits in their first ninety (90) days…make money and reinvest in your business.
  • Each of our toy kits are unique.  Check out this unique feature in the adult romance industry.

Small Toy Kit

Cost: $100.00

Retail Value: $386

Medium Toy Kit

Cost: $250.00

Retail Value: $774

Large Toy Kit

Cost: $500.00

Retail Value: $1,400

Small Aphrodisiac Kit

Cost: $50.00

Retail Value: $150

Large Aphrodisiac Kit

Cost: $100.00

Retail Value: $295

A Little Kink

Cost: $55.00

Retail Value: $157